Ear Acupuncture

There are traditional references to treating certain diseases by directing manipulation of the auricle. However, ear acupuncture is developing a lot during the 20th Century.

A French physician by the name of Nogier, writing in a German acupuncture periodical in 1957, first drew serious attention to the correspondences between specific sites on the auricle and other parts of the body.

After years of careful observation, relating points of tenderness, reduced electrical resistance, morphological and coloration changes on the ear to disease elsewhere in the body, more than 200 sites were charted on the auricle by Chinese medical clinicians.

Ear acupuncture is effective in the treatment of a wide range of common diseases and is commonly used with good results in addictions, emotional imbalance and stress control.

Special intradermal ear needles or tacks can be embedded in ear points and held in place with adhesive tape for 1-3 days.

While in place, the patient should be instructed to press them several times each day so as to stimulate the underlying tissues.

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