Silver Spike Point Therapy

Silver Spike Point (SSP) Therapy, also known as Needle Free Acupuncture, was developed in Japan in 1976 following a joint academic/industrial study between Osaka Medical College (Department of Anaesthesiology) and Nihon Medix Co. Ltd.

Research conducted to simulate acupuncture anaesthesia without needle electrodes found that low frequency electrical stimulation using SSP electrodes provided effective, non invasive pain relief for a wide range of medical conditions.

The significant benefit of SSP Therapy is a straightforward procedure, free from side effects and with no limit to the number of treatments that can be given.

Clinical trials have shown SSP low frequency electrical stimulation to facilitate the discharge of endorphins (morphine like substances), as does traditional acupuncture.

SSP stimulation can be used in conjunction with additional therapies, including Infra Red Thermo-therapy. During physical rehabilitation, areas can be stimulated using SSP therapy and exercised simultaneously.

SSP therapy has been proven by many studies to have the following effects:

1. Gate control theory
2. Peripheral nerve shut-off effect
3. Analgesic effect resulting from the secretion of suppressants.

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